Cows in a constrained factory farm.

Animal Alliance Pledge Visualizing the Problem

Add context to problems caused by animal farming with real-time visualizations regarding Animal Liberation, climate change, and human health.

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Visualizing the Problem

The scale of animal suffering and its impact on our planet is absolutely massive — you can see for yourself.

These visualizations provide context to the scope of the moral and environmental damage caused by our use of animals for food. Together, by changing our purchasing habits and recognizing animals as members of our moral community, we can build a kinder, cleaner world. Click here to get started!

Animal Deaths
Climate Change
Chickens in a cramped cage

Key Data

Better Understanding the Ethical Cost of Our Current Diets

Our culture's ever-growing demand for meat and animal products carries with it a grave cost to the animals. By making a change, we can create a more peaceful and compassionate world.

~70 billion Land animals are killed each year.

~1 trillion Sea creatures are killed each year.

95% Of farm animals in the US are raised in factory farms. Most of these animals rarely see the sky.

85% Of farmers and their families support a ban on new industrial animal farming facilities.

Ready to take action? Try eating plant based for the planet.