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Animal Alliance Pledge
We make this pledge to resist the ethical and environmental consequences of farming animals for food. To get started, select your pledge type.

The Toe Dip

Try Vegan Pledge

An entry-level pledge to help you to try eating plant-based at your own pace, for a duration that you choose.

  • Open-ended pledge to learn about and try veganism.

  • Great for animals, the planet, and you!

  • Choose your own duration (we recommend a month).

Take a Pledge

The Full Pledge

Animal Alliance Pledge

Help eliminate unecessary suffering with an unbounded commitment to avoid consuming animal products.

  • Unbounded pledge to avoid animal exploitation.

  • Great contribution to sustainability and kindness.

  • Inspire others to support animal welfare.

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AAP is a growing community of activists who are concerned with the interconnected nature of the current state of animal abuse and destruction of our global environment.
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